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Master Key version 2.0 published

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I’ve spent the last couple of months working on upgrading Master Key to version 2.0.  It’s been quite an interesting process as it makes use of the remote storage facility I have written about previously. 

I had this working in version 1.0 to allow me to save/load my data while the App was under development but it was really just prototype code.  I have added full support in this version of the App so that Load Vault and Save Vault are fully defined in the UI and perform robustly.

Master Key version 1.0 was primarily about creating a completed and fully functional App and understanding the Marketplace publishing process.  Version 2.0 rounds this out to create, what I consider, to be a really useful App that can be used day to day to remember multiple passwords; I’ve surprised myself by currently having 21 items stored.

Oh and I’ve not been disappointed with sales either, as they have lived up to my expectations of being pretty minimal.   Writing Apps for the WP7 at this time was never going to be about the money as the potential market is tiny. 

However I have my doubts about writing Apps for any platform; there have been some notable successes but for the vast, vast majority of Apps the cost of development far outweighs the money that can be generated from sales.

I chose to write Master Key because I had a well defined requirement and it’s a very widespread issue that we all pretty much share.  However it is lost amongst a mass of other competing Apps, some good but mostly crap and it’s really hard to get noticed.

When I started writing Master Key I was slightly concerned that it might be refused because it is not unique but this was quickly dispelled when I saw how many password saving Apps had been published – clearly uniqueness is not a criteria that is applied otherwise there would be thousands of ‘squatter’ Apps blocking the quality or more functional solutions.  In an ideal world the quality Apps would bubble to the top but this is not the case, first mover advantage especially with a few good reviews reduce the chances of similar Apps quite significantly.  And of course its relatively easy to ‘game’ the system by creating false accounts and/or getting mates to post positive reviews.

Without throwing money at good old fashioned marketing and advertising its hard to see how an App really stands much chance of being distinguished and as the money to be made is pretty low to start with that’s something of a fools errand.


Written by metadevblog

July 12, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Posted in Master Key, WP7

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